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  • Michael J Minckler
  • Michele Dougher
    Vice President responsible for Construction Management and Construction Inspection

construction-small Our Premier Products

CMC Engineering's premier products to date are construction related services. CMC Engineering provides construction services for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation on a statewide basis, as well as to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and various County, Municipal and Local governmental organizations and authorities. CMC Engineering also provides these services to a very large group of private clients, bringing state of the art construction management techniques to even the smallest projects. Our staff of managers, supervisors, and inspectors performs construction management, record keeping and project documentation (computerized and paper), construction inspection including materials sampling and testing as well as materials certification, and public relations on a wide variety of public and private projects including interstate highways, major bridge new construction and rehab, highway and interstate interchanges, local roads and local bridges.

Our Customers

CMC Engineering's largest client is the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Our firm has performed or is performing inspection in five of the eleven department districts and maintains relationships with the Department Construction Services and Design units in these and other PennDOT districts as well as the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

Our firm

Our firm has successfully performed inspection services on many Federal Aid - Municipal (FAM) and Local - Match Projects. Our firm provides review, inspection and coordination services on Highway Occupancy Permit (HOP) Projects, Roadside Development Contracts, and Guide Rail Repair and Upgrade Contracts for PennDOT throughout Chester County, PA. CMC Engineering maintains a staff of trained, tested and nationally certified inspectors numbering between 40 and 80 individuals experienced in the entire range of roadway and structures operations. CMC Engineering provides training, recertification and testing to keep our staff abreast of new methods, procedures and technologies. CMC Engineering is licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to own and operate Nuclear Moisture/Density gauges for testing of compaction on a wide variety of materials. CMC Engineering has available at all times five Nuclear Moisture/Density gauges with certified operators for use on projects.

Quality Control

CMC Engineering actively recruits and trains new inspectors to meet our clients’ demand for project inspection, management and quality control. We maintain contact with a large network of individuals in the inspection and construction fields to ascertain availability of managers, supervisors and inspectors for both our upcoming and our proposed work.

Project Experience

CMC Engineering provides construction services on transportation projects ranging from $100,000 to $72 million in construction costs for a variety of agencies and clients. Our services include:

· Construction Inspection and Documentation (Computerized or Manual)
· Inspection of all project operations
· Field testing of materials
· Work order processing
· Pay estimate preparation (including quantity measurements and calculations)
· Material cerifications
· Labor compliance verification

The following is a list of selected projects performed or in progress over the past ten years: