Engineering Services

CMC Engineering’s Division of Engineering and Design is a collaboration of professionals providing creative solutions to the challenges associated with the development of land, the construction of buildings and infrastructure as well as the sustainable management of the environment.

CMC Engineering has established a mission statement to:

  • Attend to our client by listening, learning and reacting with purposeful results.
  • Provide our consulting services with above expected value and creativity.
  • Respect our environment and enhance it beyond the impacts of our actions.

To accomplish these goals, we offer a full-spectrum of surveying, civil/site/environmental engineering and construction management services. The Engineering and Design Division’s project expertise spans a diverse community of public, institutional and private clients and involves a wide range of projects.

Since its inception in 1980, CMC’s has accumulated an impressive portfolio of engineering excellence that includes experience in the development of the most complex residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure-related construction projects. A primary focus of CMC Engineering’s project approach incorporates the use of “Green Technologies” respecting the impact of development on our natural resources and preserve the environment for future generations.

CMC’s Division of Engineering and Design exemplifies its commitment to quality of service through strict attention to client needs, the professionalism of our talented staff and the utilization of state-of-the-art computerized technologies insuring accurate survey preparation, efficient engineering documentation, highly sustainable practices, and cost-effective project management.

CMC Engineering continues to be a leader providing surveying and engineering services to the Telecommunications Industry and represents several major cellular carriers and/or tower owners. CMC Engineering has provided consulting services on more than 600 cellular towers in the northeast United States.

Project Experience

CMC Engineering provides construction services on transportation projects ranging from $100,000 to $72 million in construction costs for a variety of agencies and clients. Our services include:

· Construction Inspection and Documentation (Computerized or Manual)
· Inspection of all project operations
· Field testing of materials
· Work order processing
· Pay estimate preparation (including quantity measurements and calculations)
· Material cerifications
· Labor compliance verification

The following is a list of selected projects performed or in progress over the past ten years: