I-95 Section Air, Philadelphia International Airport Access Project

I-95, Section Air, Philadelphia International Airport Access Project, Philadelphia & Delaware Counties
Construction of new ramps from northbound and southbound I-95 into philadelphia international airport and demolition of the existing southbound I-95 ramp into the airport interstate highway. This $72 million project includes construction of five new bridge structures, eight MSE retaining walls, relocation of several at-grade ramps, highway lighting, signs and sign lighting, drainage and wetlands issues.

CMC Engineering provides construction services on transportation projects ranging from $100,000 to $72 million in construction costs for a variety of agencies and clients. Our services include:

· Construction Inspection and Documentation (Computerized or Manual)
· Inspection of all project operations
· Field testing of materials
· Work order processing
· Pay estimate preparation ( including quantity measurements and calculations
· Material cerifications
· Labor compliance verification

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