Surveying Services

surveying-smallCMC Engineering's survey department has from two to four in-house survey crews in the field at all times.

The survey department performs land and topographic surveys for all phases of project development from initial baseline and existing features plans through construction layout to final as built surveys. The staff has unmatched experience in performing deed research and legal documentation of property lines; with a specialization in flood plane demarcation.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

CMC Engineering’s survey department has the latest state-of-the-art real time dual frequency GPS survey equipment combined with the latest total stations and data collectors integrated with well trained and experienced field crews. The department is managed by CMC Engineering’s Chief of Surveys, a licensed surveyor with more than 20 years of experience.

• Topographic Surveys
• Construction Stakeout
• Boundary Surveys
• Easement Layout and Documents
• Legal Descriptions
• Highway and Route Surveys
• Utility Surveys
• Hydrographic
• Flood Elevation Certification
• FAA Height Verifications (2C Surveys)

A Survey Department Like No Other

CMC Engineering is one of the few engineering companies that has a complete, vertically integrated, full time, in-house surveying department. Our employment of several full time survey crews provides complete in-house surveying service capability with our own in-house GPS equipment. This total in-house ability means that we can move your project extremely quickly from proposal, to field work, to plan as we do not have to rely on sub-consultants to perform the basic functions.

Project Experience

CMC Engineering provides construction services on transportation projects ranging from $100,000 to $72 million in construction costs for a variety of agencies and clients. Our services include:

· Construction Inspection and Documentation (Computerized or Manual)
· Inspection of all project operations
· Field testing of materials
· Work order processing
· Pay estimate preparation (including quantity measurements and calculations)
· Material cerifications
· Labor compliance verification

The following is a list of selected projects performed or in progress over the past ten years: